No One Wanted To Answer Jeopardy's African-American History Questions

In the least surprising event in Jepoardy’s College Semifinals, the American contestants, who I am sure were taught something about African American history at some point during their education, totally avoided “African American History” category.

Rather than answer any of the questions from that category, the AMERICAN college students selected to clear out entire topics like, “Kiwi Fauna.”,  “International Cinema Showcase” and even “Weather Verbs” before being left with only “African American History ” to select from.

So, Happy Black History Month (don’t worry, there are only 28 days in Feb) and PLEASE check out Akilah Hughes and her article on 6 Black History Facts You Never Knew . Also, sub her on YT @ smoothiefreak because she is smart, funny and creates wonderful videos!

TY Jezebel for posting this.

  • Rachel Darcy Martin

    So, I don’t think the author of this actually watched the video that went with it. The students participated in Jeopardy as they usually do on the show. One person picks the starting categories and they pretty much just clear the categories after that. Kiwi Fawna was about New Zealand trivia, and with the exception of one very obscure question about an African American 1931 rape conviction they answered all the questions quickly and accurately. It is unfair to say that these kids avoided the topic of African American history out of a desire not to answer the questions as they gave no indication of this, and it is also unfair to say they were uninformed on the topic as they answered all the question accurately.

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