One Direction: A Concert Review

I have said it before and I will say it again: I am a Directioner.  So this past Friday, HelloGiggles did the coolest thing ever: they made it possible for me to go to the One Direction concert at the Izod Prudential Center in New Jersey! How cool is that?! So here are some of the things I noticed while I was there.

1. More Than This

I had no idea it was possible for girls to scream so loudly. Imagine a stadium full of females between the ages of 8 and 21, all

screaming at the top of their lungs. And then multiply that by quadrillion and that’s how loud it was. Maybe louder. And we all knew the

words to every single song because we are true Directioners.

2.Everything About You, 1D, Is Awesome

Of course.

3. Up All Night, I Was.

I wish I had their energy. Because when One Direction perform, they jump. A lot. Like constantly. And it’s adorbs. More reasons to love them!

4. One Thing: Overpriced Merch

I think I spent 80 dollars on a poster, a tote, a t-shirt and a bracelet. That’s a lot of money for anyone. Even a Directioner.

5. Same Mistakes

Well, the thing is, not all Directioners are cool. Like, I was standing outside the Beacon Theatre where 1D was playing the next day and we were herded up like cattle in these barricades, right? And so we were all squished up and this one girl was super rude to me and that was just not cool.  Girls take their One Direction very seriously, I get it. But don’t make that mistake by being rude to a fellow Directioner. We’re all in this together, yo.

6. I Want…More Cool Videos

In between the songs, 1D played their cool videos like when they’re at the beach and stuff and being super cute. Ah, 1D.

7. Stole My Heart, Niall

Okay listen: NIALL PLAYED GUITAR. I know he normally does, but it was still  AMAZING.

8. So, One Direction, What Makes You Beautiful?


9. Gotta Be You

Girls made “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” shirts and posters  like “HARRY STYLES 4 LYFE<333.” Directioners want to be like 1D. Okay, maybe we just want to be able to gaze at them all day.

10. I Wish…

I could see them again.

  • Lindsey Gallagher

    This is entirely amusing. This is how my heart felt about the Backstreet Boys when I was in middle school/early high school. I never got to see them live so with this whole NKOTBSB thing going on…they’re killin me.

  • Kaitlynn Wiegand

    As a Directioner, I LOVED reading this! thanks Ruby! Larry Stylinson foreva <3

  • Jackie Portillo

    I’m with Lindsey. I was a die hard BSB-er. I did the whole screaming at the top-of-my-lungs thing twice as a teenager and again last summer at 24 when I saw them in Vegas with the New Kids. Those concerts are some of the greatest memories I have. I still get giddy over them and their music now. Being silly over boy bands is part of the joy of being a girl–teenage or 25. :)

  • Brianna Nichole Cruz

    Cute! My father didn’t believe me when I asked for tickets to see them in concert. He thought I was messing. I do not mess around when it comes to 1D though!

  • Bekaandthe GinHall Hustlers

    There song went on and on and on in my brain thanks to their evil takeover of Spotify. I now get how my parents must have felt. ugh. LOL I have a feeling Biebs is sticking pins into a doll of them somewhere. That song Beautiful is brilliantly written teen pop- I just got sick of hearing every time I opened Spotify.

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