On Keeping Hold of Childhood Excitement

Of all the “cute kid” videos floating around lately, it was the one above which wormed its way into my heart and made me a bit misty-eyed. Perhaps it’s doubly moving as I’m also in the process of planning one of those special holidays that we all look forward to and dream about for ages but – unless we’re rich – can’t just get up and take off for without proper planning.

The excitement is almost too much for me when I think about it sometimes and makes me feel giddy and hyper and a little bit nervous. And while I feel a bit silly for having such strong reactions, I also love the fact that both the other person involved in the trip and myself are the kind of people who get so over-the-moon over something that others might see as no big deal.

Seeing little Lily as she opened her backpack of presents just reminded me of this. You can tell that she was already loving the goodies her parents had given her. Finding out that she was actually going to get to go to the one place she wanted? Well, that’s just too much. The sheer shock, which brought her to tears, is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

I never want to lose that childhood capability to be so moved by things – to get so excited by the idea of fulfilling a dream, regardless of how big or small, that I cry or start screaming or feel so happy that I could vomit. I never want to think that getting something I want is no big deal or expected. I want to be grateful, present and always ready to have the time of my life.

Hope you did, too, Lily.

  • Carly Rachel Stacey

    goodness me that totally made me cry :)

  • Diana Del Valle

    I am normally not a fan of cute-kid videos, but when I watched this one last night, I admit I cried. I think your last paragraph accurately sums up how I want to live my life. Awesome.

  • Stefanie Sidler

    She’s so sweet and thankful. I hope she had a wonderful birthday celebration. And I echo your last paragraph. Great article and video. Thanks, Jennifer.

  • Sarah Gollhofer

    This is one of my favorite Hello Giggles posts, and not just because of that lovely video!

  • Carrie Cunningham

    What a little cutie. I ended up crying with her

  • Shalimar Malimban

    She’s the reason why I love my job.

  • Rachel Canalita

    How no one can end up crying with her is beyond me. This is too precious! Love this :)

  • Katharine Kearns

    Oh my cuteness.

  • Jordan Rene Mcpeake

    OMG that made me all giggly and i swear i almost cried!! ur so right we’re never to old to feel that great feeling!!!

  • Andrew Granger

    awww soo sad :( but i am happey for that little girl!!

  • Sílvia Juncà

    waw! didn’t expect it.. I’m sobbing!! happy sobbing! :p

  • Raeann Willingham Azbill

    I can’t watch this video without crying! I have a 6-year-old daughter, and when your child 1st cries from happiness, it’s the most moving thing to witness. You know they have a good heart.

  • Gabby Kapa

    his WAS adorable… unit she started crying.

    ph and this child will cry at 5th grade graduation

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