On Black Friday, Rebecca Black Watched Her Video For ‘Friday' Blaire Bercy

We just got real meta up in this piece. So after two years the YouTube video/meme goddess was finally able to film a reaction vid of herself watching the masterpiece that is ‘Friday’.

“Dat blue eyeshadow doe!”



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  1. She is sooo ebarrassed that make it even more bad! Poor kid. She needs mummy.

  2. She has grown up. We all have things in our past that embarrass us. Hers just happens to be a viral video. I always loved the song for it’s catchy-ness. I’m happy she doesn’t regret it.

  3. Its amazing that she managed to become even more annoying…

  4. aww! As annoying as that song is, the video still makes me laugh. And she is so pretty though!!