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Old Lady Movie Night: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1"

Now we’re in the thick of it. In action films, they’d say something “it’s go time.” But here at Old Lady Movie Night, we say, “we’re going to cry a lot — get ready.”

We ARE going to cry a lot, so you really should get ready. These are the movies where things happenHappen in the way of death and endings, and by no means “happen” in terms of “wow everybody’s feeling very positive right now.” Even the ending is heartbreaking — the happy ending, in which everything works out.

No, this is not a “feel good” experience. This is “return from these movies as a shell of the person you once were.” And I’m excited about it. That’s right: I live for this ish. And if you’re not going to cry with me, I’m just going to cry even more. This is what Kleenex was made for. Today, we are all members of Dumbledore’s Army.

1. The Ministry of Magic is the worst

But not just in this movie, it just IS. I read this article a while back (I think on Buzzfeed?) about how the Ministry of Magic is basically a dictatorship — like, the ULTIMATE Big Brother. And you can only work for it, or be in law (magic?) enforcement, or teach at a school, or . . . that’s it. I mean, they even have artists? They have to. I’m sure you can be an artist. And then here they come starting off Deathly Hallows by announcing they will “remain strong.” YEAH OKAY. Maybe if they’d paid attention to muggle history FOR ONCE, they’d know just how well statements like that usually go. I mean, come on. Worst wizards ever.

2. Confirmed: still have feelings for Snape 

BECAUSE I KNOW THE TRUTH. (However, I absolutely did NOT have feelings for Snape when I was reading the books and wanted to find Alan Rickman and belittle him for accepting the role of a complete and utter traitor.) Let’s talk about this: when Snape runs to Voldemort headquarters and is all, “This is the jam — Harry’s leaving his aunt’s house!” you kind of want to be like “AHHH but you LOVE IT, and you’re totally IN ON THIS!” (Because in your heart, Snape has just looked at the camera and winked. At you, and only you.)

Also, I think it’s his clothes. The man can carry off a black cloak, I’ll tell you that much for free.

3. The Harry/Aunt goodbye kills me — but not as much as Hermione’s to her parents

Or lack thereof, I should say. Honestly, Hermione wins Harry Potter hands down. Not only does she just get things done, nobody has to tell her to get said things done, AND then she does those things with a grace and stoicism I didn’t think possible. I’d be hysterical if I had to remove myself from my parents’ memories and lives. Can you imagine? No, because imagining that is TERRIBLE. But nope: Hermione sheds a single tear and accepts that it’s not business, it’s personal.

“Nothing’s more personal than business. It’s the most personal thing there is.” – Michael Scott

4. And then we don’t really even get a real Hedwig death?

I mean, we definitely do: we physically see Hedwig die. But that’s it? Like, maybe I’m just not cut out to be a wizard (I’m not), but that, to me, would be worse than any other bad thing that we’ve witnessed since starting at Hogwarts. Though I’ll be honest: when I saw this in the theatres I was so relieved they grazed over the Hedwig death because for reasons I don’t fully understand, this part turned me into an emotional puddle while reading the novel more than any other part.

5. Also, RIP Mad Eye Mooney

File under: NOT FAIR, WASN’T READY, NEEDED HIM Also: Death Eaters, you’re all freaks.

6. Honestly I will say I think Voldemort needs a hobby

Because his whole lot in life is to kill Harry Potter. Okay cool. But then what? What are you going to do after you do it? Are you just going to find another enemy or are you going to sit on your throne ‘o evil and marinate because you’re going to live forever? Can you imagine how insufferable he’d be if he established world domination? Just roaming the halls, bored, like some dude who didn’t know when to retire because he’d earned billions and billions of dollars. “Dinner plans tonight, Voldemort?” someone would ask. He’d respond with a mindless shrug. And don’t get me started on birthdays: what do you get the boy who has everything? A sled that says “Rosebud,” I think.

7. Harry Potter’s visions are not to be trusted, according to me, someone who is wrong

Even when they are. And maybe this makes me a horrible friend (yes), but if Harry was like “I had a vision that Voldemort can’t kill me with his wand!” I’d tell him it was a trap, because Voldemort KNOWS HOW TO GET INTO YOUR HEAD, HARRY, HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO GO OVER THIS? Then I think I would suggest that we all pack up and move on to our lives under the sea. Nobody in the wizard community watches The Simpsons, so they wouldn’t even be able to tell me I ripped the idea off Homer J. WHY AREN’T I THE STAR OF THIS SERIES.

8. When everybody gets Dumbledore’s gifts divvied up I would be jealous of the gifts I didn’t get

Because I am a horrible person. I would assume that Hermione got The Tales of Beedle the Bard because I wasn’t smart enough, and that Ron got the Deluminator because he was just . . . better. Actually I think I’d just be mad if I were Harry. A snitch and the Gryffindor sword I DIDN’T EVEN GET BECAUSE OF THE MINISTRY. I’d be done. Back to the human world I’d go! See if I can get my job back at American Eagle or something.


First, they take over the Ministry (DUH), then they assassinate someone. THEN they interrupt a WEDDING because ARE YOU SERIOUS. You can’t even give them a night, can you? Not even just an evening? A FREAKING HOUR? “Let’s interrupt a wedding” said THE WORST PERSON YOU CAN THINK OF. Honestly, I bet even the one human you hate the most in this entire world wouldn’t interrupt a wedding. Not even an evil ghost. ESPECIALLY not an evil ghost. (Though yes, the ghost would be very upset if he/she wasn’t invited.) Imagine that’s all this was about? Voldemort not being invited to Bill and Fleur’s wedding? The ultimate George Bluth lesson: “And that’s why you should always double check your guest list.”

10. Oh OF COURSE Delores Umbridge has the horcrux locket

Because OF COURSE she does. Why wouldn’t she? She, out of all people, ABSOLUTELY would’ve wanted to wear a piece of Voldemort’s soul around her neck. OF COURSE.

11. Nerves x 9252852582424 when Hermione, Ron, and Harry have to pretend to work at the Ministry

Which is why I guess they revealed the location of No. 12 Grimmauld Place to a death eater. And listen. I won’t lie. If I had to break into the Ministry of Magic and pretend I was another person I would for sure let slip not only my secret hideout, but also who I was and probably the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done. (“MY NAME IS ANNE T. DONAHUE AND I USED TO SPY ON THE BOY I LIKED WITH MY BEST FRIEND IN HER CAR AND WE WOULD HIDE AND EAT SNACKS UNTIL HE LEFT AND THEN WE’D FOLLOW HIM HOME WHERE WE WOULD FREAK OUT IF WE THOUGHT HE SAW US” – “Okay . . . listen, i just asked where the bathroom was.”)

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