Oh Yeah, That's Right, I'm Doin' Me

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day or enough days in a week? Well, I certainly do. Lately, more than ever, I was feeling as though I was constantly pressed for time. Between long work days, attending class, homework, dating (yeah right, I just wanted to seem somewhat normal), family and friends, I couldn’t seem to find time to focus on what matters most, which is myself. Sadly, if there were an extra few hours in the day or an extra day a week, most of us would probably spend it working.

Every morning as I drove to work, I told myself, “Okay, Candice. Today you are leaving work ON TIME and not a minute later. You have to go to the gym, get some homework done, tweet @Drake excessively, do the dishes, throw in a load of laundry, watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and go to bed a decent hour.” And everyday, ya know what? I was deemed a failure. As wonderful as my pep talk may have sounded, it was all a load of crap. My eight-hour workday somehow turned to 12 hours, Real Housewives got recorded on the DVR and one night, I even found myself “borrowing” a towel from the gym because I didn’t have time to do laundry. Yeah, Candice, real classy. I mean, if it weren’t for needing that towel, would I even have gone to the gym?

My friends were “mad” at me because they “never see me”. Well, you know what, friends? I NEVER SEE ME EITHER! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHO I WAS ANYMORE! I was a machine, a robot; I worked, I did homework, I studied, I slept for three hours – wash, rinse, repeat.

Last week, I had a doctor appointment and my biggest fear in life became my horrific reality: since I started my new job, I had gained 10 pounds. Your eyes are not deceiving you, I said 10 whole motherf**king pounds! Disgusting. But why was I surprised? My life consisted of constant stress, work, quick snacks, infrequent workouts and very few meals.

After being presented with cold, hard, factual proof that my ass was in fact 10 pounds bigger, I panicked. I know it sounds shallow or vain to be so panicked over 10 pounds, but I am someone who has constantly fought with my weight. I knew that I had to make an immediate change. I confided in my brother about the lack of time in my life, being overworked, neglecting my body and health and missing my friends and he said, “You know what? Do you. Just do you. It’s okay to work hard, but work hard during business hours. Do well in school, but you gotta sleep or else it’s counterproductive! You gotta live life, you gotta see people, your family, your friends and God forbid you go on a date. You gotta stop trying to please everyone else and just do you.”

Simple and wonderful advice. Just do you. He’s right. Unfortunately, it took this traumatic event to make me realize that I had to slow down. Life is more than work and getting the corner office, more than 4.0 GPAs and more than pleasing everyone on planet Earth. Sometimes in life, we are presented with situations where sacrifices must be made, but those are exceptions, not the rule. You have to “do you” and be happy doing you. I am used to and enjoy working out at least five days a week, preparing healthy meals for myself, writing blogs about nothing and everything all at once, spending time with my sisters laughing ’til we nearly pee our pants and the occasional drunk shopping with the girls. This is me. This is what makes me happy and what keeps me sane. I like my job and I love school, but work and school are what I do. I have more to offer than just what I do. It’s who I am that counts. It’s who we all are that counts. Whether its writing, exercise, friends, traveling, art, shopping; whatever it is that makes you uniquely you, don’t lose it in the hustle of everyday life, because I can assure you, those 10 pounds will creep up on you faster than you ever thought possible. When life gets a little crazy, we forget what’s important and what truly matters, but at the end of the day, remember to just do you and everything else will fall perfectly into place.

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