Ruby's Corner

Oh, Summer Cold, Damn You

Dear all summer colds and coughs,

Hi. Well, you’ve done it again. You have managed to get inside me. But, I thought we have a deal! I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me! It was a win-win situation. Now, you have decided to be rude and infect me. But, you aren’t really a REAL sickness! You are just annoyingly there! You don’t really even have, like, a cure!  Just with time you go away! Why? Why do you do this to me?! I can’t do anything because of you! I can’t drink cold drinks! Only hot ones! Hot drinks in the summer? Seriously? Ugh. Also, I can’t go swimming or do anything fun because I have to stay in bed sniffling!! Well, I am sorry to say I have to kill you. I know you have had fun torturing me, but I’m ending it. We did not have a good relationship. You have betrayed me by not honoring your part of our deal, and so there. I’m ending it.

Now cough, dear cough, why? You always do this to me. What have I done to you? Why me? You always managed to somehow sneak your way up on me. You, too, don’t have a real cure! Maybe resting and medicine, but its more like time! You are SO annoying! I didn’t even have, like, a thing with you! You always bother me right before I’m going to have fun. You don’t do anything, you just make me sound like im making seal noises EVERY 5 SECONDS!!!!!!!! Why?! Why would you make this type of sickness to hurt me?! Do you not realize it’s summer and I want to be outdoors and having fun? I’m a tween! I need to enjoy myself. And with you sitting in my throat, getting in the way of me talking, making me sound like I’m 40, it’s soooooo not what I have in mind for myself. So please. Before we end up where I am with ye old Colds, leave me alone.

Oh well. I guess only time can tell now.

Ruby Karp

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