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Oh Halloween, You Trouble Me

I’ve said it before here on HelloGiggles and I’ll say it again: I love Halloween. I love how for a day, I can dress up in the costumes I used to play dress-up in, and how every store in my neighborhood gives out free candy and how happy everyone seems to be. It’s just an all-around great holiday.

And also, I love Disney’s princesses. When I was little, I had a whole bunch of Disney Princesses costumes – Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, etc – but I gave them all away as I grew out of them. So imagine how excited I was when my friends and I decided we would all be the Disney Princesses. We’d each pick a character and be her! Cool, right? And I am being Pocahontas. Yay!

So like, in a perfect world, all of this sounds great, right? I love Halloween, and I love the Disney Princesses and I am going to dress up as Pochantas and so, I started to look for my costume online, figuring it would take two weeks for anything I ordered to get here.

But, guess what? The same thing that has been happening to me during Halloween costume shopping for the last few years happened again. I couldn’t find ANYTHING. Well, at least something that WASN’T longer than the top part of my upper thigh. WHAT? Why has Halloween become a day for girls to dress up like awesome characters in NOT awesome costumes? This is not okay with me. We’re still kids! We want to be able to dress like kids, not dressed as “sexy” this or “hot” that! I don’t want to see 7-year-old girls look like they’re 27 year-olds, I want to see girls enjoy being girls who get to dress up on Halloween! And I know it’s not the girls’ fault; the blame is on the companies who are making these costumes, leaving parents and kids who don’t sew with few options.

I talked about this last year, maybe thinking things would change. That somewhere out there, a company that designed costumes for kids would go, oh hey, a 12 year-old girl dressing like Cinderella should be in a gown, not a baby blue babydoll dress! 12 year-old girls should not be wearing dresses up to their crotch; we should not be paranoid that people are seeing our underwear, we should be able to wear a costume that is funny and comfortable. It would be great if we could all learn how to sew and then we could own this experience and make the choices we want to make about how we want to look on Halloween, but not all of us have the time to sew (not to mention the money for the fabric or the know-how). And maybe I will. But right now, I need a Pochahantas costume and I’m running out of time and appropriate-for-my-age-costume websites.

So like on Passover, when we ask the four questions, I will ask us to think about the four questions of Halloween:

Why is this day different from all other days?

Why on this night can we collect lots of candy, and not on other nights?

Why on this night must we dress like we work somewhere our parents hope we never work at?

Why on this night must we wear a costume that makes us look like we are 27?

But seriously. Girls need better options on Halloween.

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