Oh Gilmores, Where art Thou?

I came late to many things in my life: good manners, sashimi, puberty… But the most important thing I discovered well after its time was The Gilmore Girls.  The show was on The WB network (RIP) from 2000-2007, but I was in my twenties and too busy trying to “make something of myself” to notice silly TV fare. Now that I’m older, wiser and much more lazy, television has become super important in my life.

I discovered the Gilmores almost by accident. It was a Saturday afternoon about a year ago and for some reason Legally Blonde was not playing on any network (that movie calls to me like a siren song any time it’s on). As I searched around the channels frantically for something to occupy my mind/empty existence, I found a little piece of heaven right on the ABC Family channel.

IMDB describes The Gilmore Girls as “a drama centering around the relationship between a thirty-something single mother and her teen daughter living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut” but it is so much more than that. It’s a show about love, life, coffee, Madeline Albright, making mistakes, following your heart, Pop Tarts, more coffee, small town politics, forgiveness, Paul Anka and even more coffee – all while the characters talk faster than the speed of light. I am so in love with this show, I would marry it, have its babies and even take it back after it cheated on me with its secretary, Denise.

The mother/daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory is so believable and enviable; it almost makes me wish I had gotten knocked up as a teenager. Of course, there was no adorable country inn willing to take in a teen runaway with her baby and house us in a shabby chic inspired barn in Boca Raton, Florida, so I think I made the right decision. Nonetheless, I covet their relationship and when I do have a daughter one day, I intend to force her to be my best friend and share all of her secrets and clothes with me.

Not only do I love all of the people on the show, but also I’m also obsessed with the town of Star’s Hallow. If it were real, I’d move there immediately. But since it’s only a work of fiction, I’ve made other plans. I intend to become ridiculously wealthy and buy a plot of land where I recreate the town and pay workers to dress and behave as my favorite series regulars. Visitors will be able to attend town hall meetings and argue with Taylor Doose or try their hand at firing Emily Gilmore’s latest maid. Romance lovers can sip coffee while Dean and Jess fight for their affections and for the foodies, there will be samples of Luke’s famous burgers and Mrs. Kim’s inedible tofu concoctions. It will be like Disney World, with less rides and crazier characters. Who wouldn’t want to buy a Sookie Christmas ornament?

After I discovered The Gilmore Girls, my amazing husband bought me the first six seasons on DVD. He either really loves me or just wanted to play his video games in peace without me distracting him with constant questions like, “Why do you shoot the monsters as opposed to just talking out your problems with them?” I holed up in our bedroom and watched the entire thing over the course of a few weeks. I don’t believe showering or socializing happened at all during that period – it didn’t seem important. For some reason though, my husband had neglected to buy me the seventh and final season of the series. I put off purchasing it myself because I knew that once I watched it, my time in Star’s Hallow would be over. I didn’t want to live in a world without Lorelai, Rory and the gang.

A few months have passed and I finally caved and bought the last season. As I embark on my final hours of the show, I feel excitement tinged with a little sadness and an overwhelming desire to eat tater tots and pancakes at every meal. I don’t know what’s going to happen – Will Lorelei end up with Luke or Christopher? Will Rory embark on a career as a globetrotting journalist or marry Logan and join the DAR? Will Kirk ever move out of his mother’s house? – but I do know it’s been a wonderful journey and I’ll be devastated when it’s over.

PS- If anyone can recommend another show for me to watch so I don’t spiral into a deep depression, that would be great. I know it will be a transitional relationship but I just need something to get me over the hump.

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