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Wedding dresses that actually stay up on their own are huge right now

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If you thought the strapless bridal gown would reign supreme until the end of time, we have exciting news for you. Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are taking over Pinterest, which means brides may soon be blessed with gowns that actually stay up on their own. Rejoice!

According to the site’s 2017 wedding report, users are pinning off-the-shoulder wedding dresses 158% more than they did last year. And we’re not surprised! With designers showing off-the-shoulder gowns at fall bridal fashion week last year, and stars like Orange Is the New Black‘s Samira Wiley wearing the silhouette on her big day — just last weekend! — the style is popping up all over the place.

Whether you wear it with long sleeves or short, a full-length skirt or something a little flirtier, this style will surely be more comfortable to wear than one whose bodice you’re constantly yanking up on the dance floor.

Plus, the other great thing about this look is that it can transform to suit the personal style of most women. Just take a look at the evidence!

It can be boho.


It can be high-fashion.


It can be romantic.


It can be fit for a hippie queen.


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