Nothing Tastes Like Skinny Feels (Pfffssh!)

Most women have, at some point in their lives, struggled with their weight. I know that I have for most of my life. Sure, exercise and a proper diet is something we can tackle to reach our weight loss goals but there is always that one food you just can’t give up no matter how badly you want to fit into your size 4 jeans. For this fat girl, it’s ice cream. A couple of years ago, there was a media frenzy surrounding Kate Moss’ statement that “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. Well, guess what, Kate Moss? You are dead wrong! Have you tried Ben & Jerry’s Cheesecake Brownie ice cream? I don’t think you have, otherwise you’d never make such a remark!

HelloGiggles reader Rachel Laws submitted this video that addresses this very issue: Hey Kate Moss, have you tried toffee cheesecake? Check out Rachel’s video reply and many thanks to Rachel for contributing! You can follow Rachel on Twitter and on Youtube.

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  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    for me, it’s the Ben & Jerry’s Fudge Brownie O_o…..actually, it just may be chocolate in general! 😀 curse you chocolate for…being…so….erm….excuse me, i need to go find some lol

  • Erin Freemantle-Couture

    it’s just all food in general for me…indian curry, chinese dumplings, cupcakes, french fries, mac and cheese…stop me whenever!!

    • Anonymous

      I never thought I would find such an eyverday topic so enthralling!

  • Adeline Flutterby

    ribs, ice cream cake, coconut m&m’s, caramel macchiatos, shrimp tempura, chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn, lucky charms…omg, i’m starving.

    kate moss deserved a bitch slap for that comment.

  • Amber Newton

    Here’s something that will blow your mind: It’s possible to talk about how delicious food is WITHOUT making it an article with disparaging remarks made about skinny females.

    I see the indication above saying “Please help us maintain positive conversations”; perhaps this site should be a little more cautious when deciding to publish articles which have major amounts of wank just in the title alone. It’s hard to maintain a positive conversation when the article doesn’t even begin the encouraged dialogue that way. The battle wages on between fat chicks and skinny girls, apparently, but can’t we have somewhere where we’re actually, I dunno, supportive of each other?

  • Andrea Hall Stockelman

    I think some have taken this article a little too seriously. There was nothing negative, in my opinion by what either author posted, the negativity came from Ms. Moss’s quote.

  • Rachel Laws

    I think you’re overanalysing it. The video was intended as a joke, as for the article… The author was expressing her opinion on the matter and sharing her experience.
    Disagreeing with one Kate Moss statement is NOT the same as making disparaging remarks.
    Perhaps it’s my naivety, but I was unaware of such a battle. I certainly did not make that video to partake in it.

  • Karen Nemeth

    Very funny & entertaining! You can’t please everybody all the time, apparently even at HelloGiggles!! (BTW, I blame Ben & Jerry for making so many IRRESISTABLE temptations! Oh, and the well-stocked 24 hour 7-11 2 blocks from house… Even if I sprinted the whole way there & back it wouldn’t make a DENT in my Chubby Hubby or Phish Food intake!!)

  • Karen Nemeth

    Next thing you know, SOMEONE will say you’re advocating bulemia! (ah, if ONLY I could puke up what I ate, all the yum (twice!!) and none of the calories!!)

  • Crystal Stewart

    Cheesecake .. Brownie… Oh my heavens. Must try and attempt to make now! To the kitchen I go !

  • Tali’Zorah Haberkamp

    tiramisu cheesecake….or maybe tiramisu cupcakes….tiramisu anything….I’m going to baking today, I sense it

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