Noteworthy: The Neighbourhood

Less is definitely more – a lesson on how to get noticed in music nowadays. The Neighbourhood is another talented act following in the mysterious footsteps of The Weeknd and Ms Mr. Since a friend showed me their video for ‘Female Robbery’ a couple months ago, the band has been popping up all over the interwebs and it seems we don’t know much about them. What I do know is the lead singer’s voice is a bit hypnotizing and I can’t stop hitting repeat.

‘Female Robbery':

The Los Angeles band makes tracks with the perfect blend of indie, pop, rock layered with smooth instrumentals and effects. What gets under your skin and stuck in your head though are the memorable lyrics and the cold, dark undertones.  The track ‘Sweater Weather’ came out last week and proves the band’s unique sound is going to be on everyone’s playlist soon. I wish I could tell you more, but for now these two videos will have to suffice. Check out The Neighbourhood’s Tumblr and follow them on Twitter.

‘Sweater Weather':

Image via The Neighbourhood’s Facebook.