Noteworthy: Alabama Shakes

Maybe you saw one of the holiday Zales commercials that featured those cute, loving couples? Yes, it was really sweet, but to be honest the only thing that put a Zales diamond on my Christmas list was the soulful theme song ‘You Ain’t Alone’ courtesy of the Alabama Shakes.

The Alabama Shakes, representing their hometown of Athens, Alabama, are above and beyond an artist to watch – you need to know them… now. Although they have only released a four track EP (which you can grab off their bandcamp), the band has already graced the pages of The New York Times, NME, Paste Magazine and their track ‘Hold On’ was listed on NPR’s top 100 songs of 2011.

The uber talented foursome has the ability to take you back in time to when jazz and blues ruled the music scene, while also embodying funky-fresh rock. Think The Black Keys and Kings of Leon meet Nina Simone. Brittany Howard, Heath Fogg, Zac Cockrell and Steve Johnson got together while in high school and started meeting after class to write songs. Between their classic rock n’ roll and R&B influences, the Alabama Shakes are churning out a new brand of music – one that’s genuinely authentic, raw and full of life.

Check out the Alabama Shakes perform ‘You Ain’t Alone’ at the MTV O Music Awards:


The Alabama Shakes’ debut album Boys & Girls arrives April 10th and they’re currently on tour in the US. A good amount of the shows are already sold out so try to get out there and catch em’ – I know I will!

Image via Red Light Management

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