I used to collect superhero cards when I was younger, mainly because my older brother did and I wanted to be just like him. I didn’t really understand anything about the cards, I just liked the way they shined and smelled. My favorite character was the Hulk because I imagined I would one day grow up to be just as strong as him. I didn’t, unfortunately.

So for today’s gallery, I wanted to focus on some superheroes that don’t get recognition. I wanted to focus on the less impressive, the strange and the lamer of the superheroes. I feel a special connection to these characters; being small, I sometimes feel like I don’t have a lot to offer in terms of strength. But these superheroes have showed me that power isn’t all about strength. It’s about courage and being yourself, no matter what. Strength is about showing that you do matter even if your superpower is as simple and stupid as taking off your arm.

Who are some of your favorite superheroes?

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