A Darker Shade Of Pink

Not So Fancy Pants

I’m about to embark on a half cross-country road trip from Phoenix to Los Angeles to San Francisco to Dallas. That’s kind of the road trip equivalent of a half marathon. I have been training for this road trip for months by taste testing road trip snack food and buying any travel-sized toiletry I can find. Even Tide detergent has a travel size now, and you can bet I bought it. I thought I was so ready. And then I realized I didn’t have the one thing that most road trips actually require: a pair of jeans.

I know it’s weird. See, I have this problem where I own a lot of skirts, dresses and dress shorts because I like to be fancy and pretend it’s 1963, if 1963 had text messaging. Because seriously, I could not survive without text messaging. And also Nutella, but whatever.

I know jeans are a closet staple for most. I showed up at my cousin’s house to watch a movie in tights and a skirt one weekend and she barked at me, “You couldn’t wear jeans?” And I couldn’t, because I didn’t even own jeans at the time. In fact, I think the last time I actually wore a pair of jeans I was eight and it was because my mom still dressed me. Oh, and they were pink, so do they even count?

I just didn’t think I would enjoy wearing jeans. I always liked the way they looked, but on other people. I wasn’t sure they’d fit my personality. Then I went to H&M last week to purchase a pair of twenty-dollar jeans and let me go on record saying that I am a changed person.

Did you know you don’t have to shave your legs every day to wear jeans?

Did you know jeans have super convenient pockets that can hold your lip gloss and/or money and/or cell phone?

Did you know jeans make your tushy look awesome?

I now understand why there is a whole sisterhood dedicated to traveling pants and f’reals, I would totally like to join.

Featured image courtesy of Drew Coffman.