Nominate a Game Changer For girltank's ‘10,000 Names' Campaign: It's Probably What Hillary is Doing

Nominate someone today for girltank's 10,000 Names in 100 Days!

For a few months I have been part of girltank a really great organization that highlights the achievements of the best, brightest and most promising young women innovators everywhere in the world – from Chicago to Hong Kong to Capetown to Buenos Aires. Right now part of my team is actually in a different part of the world,  working their magic – they’re participating in Startup Chile, a startup incubator based in the beautiful country of Chile.

We are scattered all around the world hard at work promoting our 10,000 Names in 100 Days Campaign. Held in partnership with MTV Voices, this competition is a worldwide search to find 10,000 young women who are making a difference in their communities and leading social change, and to highlight their achievements. These are women who are truly taking a chance!

An example of one of our wonderful nominees is Emily May and her startup iHollaback.  Emily believes young women have the power to end street sexual harassment. So she co-founded iHollaback to give women, girls and LGBTQ individuals the tools to break the silence with the help of mobile technology.

Anyone can log on to girltank on Facebook and easily nominate a woman they think is leading social change in their neighborhoods (like a community organizer or co-founder of a social enterprise), in their everyday lives (like the founder of a non-profit, or an environmental club because every day is earth day!), and in the world.

Girltank 10,000 Names in 100 Days

Each person who submits a name will receive a FREE copy of Catching Suki, a short story by U.K.-based author Sarah Alderson (Hunting Lila and Fated) and will be entered for a chance to win a an Apple iPad2, an all-access pass to TED Global Conference 2013, a $25 Amazon gift card, or a $100 spa package from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

But you have to hurry, because our nomination submissions window is closing soon, so get your names in before it’s too late! You may nominate as many women as you like

So what are you waiting for? Nominate a cool, strong lady today! It’s probably what Hillary is doing right now on her phone!

Direct link to nominations:

girltank on Twitter: @girltankorg

girltank on Facebook:


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