Nobody Mention The ‘O' Word

I want to talk about something secret today. Something we all enjoy – and look forward to every day – but that no-one wants to admit to.

Yes, the Olympics.

There are 70 days left until the 2012 Olympics kick off in London and, well, everyone seems collectively underwhelmed. I wrote on my blog* recently about why this might be, but enough already! The Olympics are exciting! And I am pretty sure that everyone else is excited too – at least, a little bit more than they admit.

Even if we’re genuinely not excited yet, we will be soon. We have to be (even if it’s just to do our nails with Union Jacks like this). I reckon that if they were being hosted anywhere else then us Brits wouldn’t feel embarrassed to say we’re looking forward to them.

So, with that in mind, here are my top ten reasons to be excited about the OIympics:

(1) Let’s start with the sport. We’ll get to see lots of people running, jumping, throwing, swimming, riding, sailing and hitting things with sticks. I dunno about you, but I think that stuff is pretty cool.

(2) David Beckham’s coming home! Or is he? I have tickets for the first team GB football match, so I am really hoping that Becks will be on the squad.

(3) We might win something. By ‘we’ I mean Team GB. Yes, I know we don’t really win very much. But we’re but a small country and that means the stats are against us. We should be proud of our achievements.

(4) Competition. We all love a bit of competition. Getting all worked up about the achievements (or otherwise) of people we don’t know distracts us from our own achievements (or otherwise).

(5) Women’s. Beach. Volleyball. No matter what your orientation, it’s fun to watch women in skimpy outfits throwing themselves around in the sand.

(6) There are some kick-ass gigs. The opening ceremony is still pretty much a secret…I REALLY hope that means it’s going to be good! The fact that Blur are headlining the closing concert is good enough for me. (Not that I am going).

(7) We can grab some eBay bargains. A friend of mine swears blind that she kitted her whole house out on, I dunno, three pounds or something, just by looking for eBay auctions that ended during the big matches at the last World Cup. So I for one will be doing the same during the 100 metre final (shh, don’t tell everyone).

(8) We get to slack off a bit at work. During the Olympics, we get to spend lots of time at work coming up with complicated sweepstakes, score charts and similar. And THEN we get to keep half an eye on the games outcomes – if not the games themselves with an actual TV in the office – to keep up with what’s going on.

(9) We’ll get excited about exercise. Yes, we all know it won’t last, but some of us will get inspired to do that much more running than usual. Or take up triathlons. Or shot putt. Or dressage. Either way, some short-lived exercise obsession is better than nothing, right?

(10) Everyone’s going to watching us! Yes, I know us Brits shy away from admitting hat we like the attention, but we do.

Main image via Shutterstock.

*Don’t get excited, I hardly ever write anything on it!

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