Nobody Canna Cross It (Di Bus Can't Swim)

If you’re looking for a new “ripped from the headlines” summerjam to replace Antoine Dodson’s now classic “Bed Intruder” remix, look no further than this dangerous (literally) news story-turned-booty shaker that popped up on my Tumblr dashboard via my boy Topherchris. Created by Kevin-Sean “Dj Powa” Hamilton and featuring the remixed voices of Prime Time News reporter Dara Smith, Thelmetta (obviously, my new fave name) Lester and local resident Clifton “Cliff-Twang” Brown, it’s the story of two small communities in Jamaica – Roberts Field and Mavis Bank – separated by the Yallahs River, which has risen to the point of becoming virtually impassable. Of course, there’s nothing funny about kids who can’t get to school (STAY IN SCHOOL, KIDS!) and regular people coping their best with some of the crazeballs stuff Mother Nature throws at them, but you listen to this and just try to stop “Nobody Canna Cross It” from taking over where “hide yo wife, hide yo kids” left off as a catchphrase. It’s just that good. (Buy it on iTunes here) PS: Stay safe and dry, Jamaica!

Video by kevy2c on YouTube

  • Heather Watson

    The more I think about it, the more I think he might be saying “Nobody Can [Get] Across It”… what say you, Gigglepeeps? Anybody have a handle on Jamaican dialect and can help me out? (Obviously, I need to pay a certain fine nation a visit ASAP!)

  • Daniela Sánchezz

    I am obsessed with this song, a healthy obsession you know. My alarm clock plays it, I play it in the car, my friends play it in their cars, etc. etc.

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