(No Subject) Presents: Hello my name is…Jesse Genet

Welcome to (No Subject)’s 8th edition of our creative video interview series entitled “Hello My Name Is…”

Meet Jesse Genet, the founder of Lumi Co. Learn how her product, “inkodye”, is literally taking photography out of the darkroom and into the LA sun. Plus, get the full download on what Lumi is doing to take photography prints to the next level and learn what Jesse’s daily essential is (and no, it’s not her iPhone).

About “Hello My Name Is…”: As a creative and digital agency, (No Subject) is always looking to Los Angeles for inspiration. As such, they decided to get away from their computers and out into the LA neighborhoods. They literally hit the streets and found people that have truly blown them away with their vision, passion, projects and more.

In this great city, it’s sometimes hard to break through the traffic + sunshine and find what’s real, what’s innovative and what’s at the heart of the city. We think these people are onto something, and we wanted to share this with you. Follow (No Subject) LA on Twitter and see more creatives HERE!

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