Style Me Grasie

No Shopping Necessary

I’m a little sick of make-over shows that only deal with extreme cases. Yes, they are fun to watch and I get it: If you walk around dressed like a lady of the night or Bozo the clown you should probably be made over. But, what about all the ladies out there who have a closet full of clothes they don’t know how to wear? The ladies out there who want to know how to style what they already have in their closets! The everyday woman who is not an extreme case but just someone who wants to look good and feel good in what they are wearing. Well, I just started a series called No Shopping Necessary for my GrasieTV YouTube channel and would love to share it with you. I tackled my girl Stacy’s closet and it was oh so fun! Hope you likey

Shot & Edited by Michael Garcia. Music by Kenli Mattus

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