Giggles and Glue Guns

No-Sew DIY: Block Pockets

Block pockets are a really easy and fun way to spruce up a dress, blouse or skirt. Since it’s Fashion Week and all, I was inspired by Proenza Schouler’s Resort 2012 collection (photo ) and tackled it ‘no-sew’ style because I ain’t a good sewer!

What You Need:

  • Piece of clothing to spruce (I used a cheap floral print dress from Forever 21)
  • Fabric for your pockets – make sure it’s a contrasting color so they stand out. I think cotton is the easiest to work with, and it’s cheap.
  • Scissors
  • Iron-on hem tape or “Stitch Witchery” (fabric store or k-mart, target, etc.)
  • Ruler or square/rectangle shaped object for pocket stencil (I used a dryer sheet box.. cuz I’m cool like that!)
  • Fabric pencil
  • Iron – heat to ‘wool’ setting
  • Damp press cloth

Do It:

  1. Using your box or ruler mark out your rectangle shape on the underside of your fabric – make sure you leave 1/2″ to 1″ all the way around for hem to seal edges.
  2. Cut out your pocket shape.
  3. Cut hem tape the length of all 4 sides and fold over to create hem. Use press cloth and iron for 10 seconds to set hem tape (don’t move iron!). Flip fabric over and repeat iron on other side.
  4. Once all four edges are hemmed on both pockets, decide on the perfect placement for your pockets on your dress.
  5. Cut 3 pieces of hem tape for the sides and bottom of the pocket and place them on the edge between the underside of the pocket and your piece of clothing.
  6. Use your press cloth and iron for 10 plus seconds until pockets are securely adhered to your dress. You may need to peek and do it for more than 10 seconds.

Done! Now you can rock some block pockets and have a place to carry all that money!

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck, you block (pocket) heads! ; )