Champagne Problems

No me gusta your tone, Sir.

Pumpkin lattes! The change of the leaves! Hay rides! All things that don’t connect to my topic today at all, and that’s the way I like it. Oh man, it’s happened. I have turned into my Mom (sorta). When I was younger, Bev-diggity (as my sister and I would call her) demanded that Linds-diggity (Lindsey, my sister) and I speak to her with respect and understand when our “tones” were a bit too abrasive. Linds-diggity and I didn’t quite get what all the fuss was about back then, but now, ohhhh doggy do I hear Mum-diggity loud and clear. (Is that getting annoying-diggity?)
As I am moving forward in the workforce world, I have to face many-a-human that is in a bad mood because of lack of sleep or lack of sleep or, my personal favorite, lack of sleep. So, I have to be prepared for almost anything if I want to live my fancy smancy lifestyle and maintain revenue like a real, grown up human (but the adorable kind, duh). But as I get older, all I ask is that you respect me and watch your tone. “Watch your tone.” Have you ever said that to somebody and meant it? Of course you have. Remember when your parents used to say that to you? Oh man. When you would say things like “I want ice cream! And I want it now!” Watch your tone, your mom would reply as your dad would slip you the ice cream you so painfully were flippng your lid for. Oh, man. Being a kid. You didn’t care how people spoke to you. It was all just fun, no fury.
Now with every passing year, I am well aware of how “tone” can make or break a conversation. How a smile can fade from me so quickly is mostly when someone in some way or another chooses to word something in a tone so disrespectful that my tongue swords come out guns a-blazing.You see, I consider myself a doll face button nosed female. I don’t have a temper very much anymore because I am able to express myself openly to people I feel are worth the time to express. (Or I live blog about them, thus saving mucho dinero on therapy). But every now and then my inner evil ninja comes out when a living breathing mammal of a person decides to be Rude Town, USA to me and refuses to apologize after. Bev-diggity would flip her hotpockets, let me tell you. It’s like, the way you talk to people is important. Please and thank you aren’t overrated for a reason. They are polite. They make you human.
And, they are respectful to everyone. When you opt to talk down to others or verbally treat them as if they are below you, you have started a silent war with me and you don’t even know me yet, kind sir/lady…(But feel free to go to my profile page and send me a note. I like new friends. Hooray new friends.) Now, let me be clear. I don’t like fighting. No way. No how. Mostly because I am a scrawny twirp that if ever I was punched, will probably end up being that girl “that blacked-out for an entire year” (not necessarily from the punch but from the absolute embarrassment that everyone saw my underwear when she fell). But, hey at least I stood my ground. All I ask, is that you take a second before you spit fire at a person that might not deserve your fire. People are dealing with enough right now, for you to be walking around all angry-like yelling nonsense without a please and thank you. Okay, I feel good about our talk. Now, leave me alone. (JK, don’t ever leave me.)
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