Panda Cam On HelloGiggles

Since the pandas are in China, the best times to watch are:

5:00pm – 8:00 pm & 11:00pm – 1:30am  PST

From their page: is happy to present this Pearls of the Planet live stream direct from Bifengxia, the largest Panda Reserve and Research Center in the world. You are watching Zhi Chun (“spring”), Qing Shan (“green mountain”), Zhao Yang (“morning sun”) and Ao Ao (“pride”).

  • Andrea Ishikawa

    Not sure some of the employees are treating those pandas right, though.

    • Sarah Kate Khoury

      what happened?

      • Andrea Ishikawa

        Two pandas were resting on a tree… a guy came and removed one of the pandas, kinda struggled with it a little, actually… But I don’t know what happened because the camera angle did not provide a wide image of their location. Poor panda, the guy was definitely not nice.

  • Sarah Kate Khoury

    this might be to cute for me t handle!!!!

  • Mikayla Randolph

    Immediate reaction: Giant squeal, “Oh my god, it’s a PANDA CAM!” Lots of claps. You are making my dreams come true. What’s next, a unicorn cam? Seriously, HelloGiggles get on that! I think you could pull that off!

  • Ashlee Harrod


  • Elyssa Pollio


  • Rachel Lam

    So cute and fluffy!

  • Hilary June

    I hope there is a good reason why that employee was grabbing the fur and legs of the panda to pull it out of the tree. I winced and felt so bad for the animal.
    He looked very rough and it didn’t look like either panda was hurting/having a problem being together in the tree.

    • Madeleine Szaruga-Bolt

      Yeah I saw an employee drag one of the pandas into a sitting position by the scruff of it’s neck, while it had been laying down – didn’t see any reason or need for this? :S

  • Ida Blomhåret Reshagen

    What a sad life. To live on concrete like that.

  • Gabriela Santos

    que fofo

  • Flávio August Salzer


  • Katie Moeller

    So. I thought there was only one panda cam on earth, the panda cam at the San Diego zoo, which I obsessively (I’m not proud) watch. But now I find out there’s another cam. With more pandas I haven’t even met or learned their family history. Mind. Blown. There aren’t enough hours in the day to watch all of the pandas properly.

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