Newsflash: Women Don't Really Enjoy Their Periods!

Ugh, periods. As women, most of us regularly experience them, or have at some point. It’s not rocket science to figure out that none of us are jumping for joy every time our monthly cycle comes around – PMS, exhaustion, cramps, headaches, insatiable hunger… none of that really spells “party” to me. Sure, menstruation has its up sides – they (usually) make babies possible! That’s pretty  much the only up side I can think of, but you have to admit, it’s a pretty good one. Either way, they’re not particularly pleasant.

I’m going to make a swift generalisation here – and I point out that it’s a generalisation because obviously I know it doesn’t apply across the board, but it’s still pretty widespread: men don’t “get” periods. They think bleeding from our uteruses is an excuse we use to get away with being whiny bitches. GENERALLY, OKAY? Meanwhile, pad and tampon companies would have us believe that your period is the time to live it up with extreme sports and awesome activities. Thanks, I’ll be in my bed eating french fries and napping.

Anyway, a young man by the name of Richard has finally spoken up about the grave injustice presented by feminine hygiene companies, particularly UK’s BodyForm pad company, on Facebook; after all, he was expecting a rose garden and instead got The Exorcist:

While I’m sure Richard was being tongue in cheek and seems like he’s got a great sense of humour, unfortunately, a lot of men seriously think this. In any case, BodyForm have made a hilarious response to Richard’s query, one that doubles as a brilliant bit of viral marketing and sets the record straight once and for all.