New Years Eve Kiss

Are you already nervous about your New Year’s plans? Your New Year’s Eve outfit? Your New Years Eve KISS?

Don’t you worry. You’re so not alone on this one, toots. I’ve been panicking about it since the fourth of July. Here’s what’s what.

New Year’s Eve is really only about being surrounded by good friends and ringing in the new year together… and drinking champagne…and wearing almost nothing, but wearing something that sparkles…and spending too much money…and most importantly kissing anyone at midnight even if you don’t want to!

Am I wrong? Tell me I’m 100% wrong. I’m not. You know why? Because I’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve for many, many years and almost always never kissed anyone. So, as logic would have it, that makes me a New Years Eve Kissing Specialist.

There is a lot of undo pressure to kiss just about ANYONE when the clock strikes midnight. Which means, I often start to really panic on or around Thanksgiving. But if you’re a reasonable human being, you haven’t even thought about it twice and good for you. “Shout out to my unreasonable layyydeezzzz out there!” Back to us. What you need to remember on NYE is to stay focused. FOCUSED ON FUN.

When I look back on all my varied ways of ringing in the past years, I don’t remember the kiss! For most of my life thus far it’s been spent with my best girlfriends and none of us kissed a darn soul.  Or in the early part of my life, it was my parents who kissed me. How cute…how sad. Or a few years ago, I was lucky enough to have not one but two NYE smooches with my gay besties. Most recently… did I say I never remembered the kisses? Anyway, just last year I had a real NYE kiss with my boyfriend and well, we were already in pyjamas so…I guess we can learn that no New Year’s Eve is perfect.


It’s not substance of the sundae. You never remember the cherry! You remember the ice cream, the whip cream and types of syrups layered on top and really? Where you got the sundae and who you were with at the time.  The cherry is an after thought.  It’s an “Oh yeah, that was good too.”  So make that your midnight mantra and I’ll make it mine.

In honor of New Year/s Eve kisses, my sketch team, THE GET GO, has a video all about it.

Written and Produced by Eliza Hooper. Directed by: Nic Micheals  D.P./Editor: Andy Fenberg Producer: Tim Neenan