Champagne Problems

New Year's Eve $$$ Breakdown

If I hear one more snippet about paying too much for a New Year’s Eve All-Inclusive Deal I’m just gonna explode from a boredom grenade. Can’t you just treat yourself for one night by springing for the NYE all inclusive package? Just this once.

I know you don’t want to be the one to cough up an all-you-can drink night come 2012 ball-drop (ha) but, you are holding the rest of us up, man. We want you to be with us on New Year’s Eve when the year shifts. That’s the plan! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, being together on this night is the jam. The last few years, we’ve (you’ve) been frugal city, either staying in or kicking back at a dive bar and I’m not gonna lie, solid good time. Now, come this year, I think we’ve hit a crossroads and should go all in on a sassy night out. Te gusta?

Listen, I’ve been there. Coughing up doe this time of year screams “guilt trip”. But, maybe just work a few extra shifts and annie-up for the full package to celebrate the night. I know you don’t ever find yourself woofing down $100 worth of food and drink almost ever but this isn’t just ever, this is New Year’s. A chance to make memories worth remembering and telling you’re little kid biscuits about down the road. Don’t think it’s worth it? That’s fine. All you have to do is speak up and meet your friends half-way with an idea. My thoughts are that people get so caught up in the easy-breezy-wannabe of plan making that they don’t want to be the ones to have to think the night through. They want to rely on the spontaneity of the hour. And, most memories from that turn out being hands down the best (or they’ve landed me in jail). Either way, that’s life. You need to get out there and live it up because gosh dang it, you’re pretty.

Now, it’s not just about the money to you, I am starting to put that together on my own. The issue you have is that you are a laid-back person that doesn’t need bells and whistles on a day that is truly just like any other day – except on this day, Ryan Seacrest is on your TV for 10 hours as opposed to one, and Snooki is being dropped from the sky in Coney Island –  other than that, big whoop. However, a splash of advice from past experience – sometimes its just worth it to save up the money and have a fun, concise and packaged New Year’s with the people you care for most rather than scramble from one hip party bust to the next. (Unless you like freezing your nips off in the negative degree weather. Then in that case, scramble on, egg.)

Just go out and enjoy the time you have with the people that rock your wold in the fun zone. That’s right, “the fun zone”. Yeah, I said it. Yeah, it’s dorky. I don’t give a what. The fun zone should leave you now and always with sore abs from tear-jerking laughter. Make that your goal this New Year’s. Steer clear of the undesirable pressure for a weird kiss. Or party-hopping to spy on your ex. Drink a healthy amount of bubbly (if of age, obvs), eat some yum yum food and dance to all the Rihanna and Lil’ Wayne your body will let you.  Make memories that you can find yourself giggling at come March. As for me,  I’ll be in New York keeping my eyes peeled for Living Social ads and presenting them in public establishments with the hopes that a grown man sees me and wants to mate with me because I appear thrifty. A girl can dream…

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