New Year, New Me?

As 2011 draws to a close, I reflect back on everything this year brought me as well what I’ve learned and what I would like to do differently in 2012.

Had this been the eve of 2011, I might have said things like lose weight, brush my hair 100 times before bed for shine and streamline & define my “look” so that friends know how to easily refer to me when I quickly quiz them on what my look is.  I’m always torn when dressing like a boss bitch while trying to incorporate my flirty feminine side.  Anyway, I digress.

These goals may seem “surface”, even petty or vapid.  Well, I agree – which is why I’m leaving them in 2011 and allowing my true self to blossom in 2012.  In 2012, I will eschew the material in order to work on the soul.  (Okay, I don’t need to go overboard but I was dying to incorporate the word eschew somehow, and it seemed kind of effortless this way.)

To me, there are few things more promising than getting a new journal, calendar or even phone.  The opportunity to start fresh is very rare, so I treasure even the smallest chance for rebirth.  Try to force me into a new phone number on that phone though and I will cut you.  I said rebirth, not social suicide.

For 2012, an abbreviated list of my resolutions / goals are included for your review below.  See if any of them speak to you as well:

1)             Setting My Intentions on the Regular.  This is something my friend Sophia Rossi sometimes says.  It’s so true!  How is it possible to achieve any goal without speaking to the universe, making our plan clear and doing something each day to bring us closer to achievement?   If your goal is to find a soul mate and get married, but you wont leave the house or try talking to new people, its NEVER going to happen.  I know one person who met her husband when he rang her doorbell on accident, but that is a major exception and I think one is more likely to get attacked by a great white shark while walking on the beach.

2)            Keep Up with People / Current Events Other than the Kardashians.  Okay, this one is important.  I’m not saying that I need to eschew (sorry, couldn’t help it) reality programming altogether, but like in life, there needs to be some balance.  It is a sad state of affairs that most people seem to know much more about what’s going on with Kim’s love life that what is happening with the American economy.  We must wake up and stop being complacent and just accepting that the world seems to be crumbling around us.  Read up, get involved, make a difference.  Kim Jong-Il was involved in a whole different type of Khaos and its important to know what’s happening in the big bad world outside of Bravo.

3)             DON’T LIVE FEAR BASED.   I mean, this one!!  Uggh.  It is a major goal for 2012 as well as all of the years that follow that I stop worrying about the unknown.  I recently read something in Michael J. Fox’s answers to the VF Proust Questionnaire that really struck me.  He said his motto is, “If you fixate on the worst-case scenario and it actually happens, you’ve lived it twice.”  Whoa, Alex P. Keaton, true dat!!! I believe that the energy we put into the universe will affect what we get back, so why not put as much positive energy out there as possible.  Like he said, if something bad is going to happen, why not try to deal with it only once?

I could go on and on about all of the ways I hope to better myself in the coming year, and I hope this makes you think about ways to become the best version of yourself, as well.  After all, the world doesn’t need us to be skinnier, with better conditioned hair or a more streamlined closets….that’s so 2000 and late!

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