NEW SHE & HIM! "I Could've Been Your Girl" Premiere

After seven years and four albums with She & Him, I figured it was about time I took a crack at making a video for a song I wrote. The process was so much fun and gave me a chance to give a nod to some of my favorite ’60s musicals.

I was fortunate enough to work with so many talented and incredible people, without whom this video would not have been possible!


Thank you to:

Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde
Choreographer: Sophie Olson
Director of Photography: Matt Lloyd
Editor: Luke Lynch
Production Designers: Megan and Ashley Fenton
Producer: Courtney Davies
1st Ad– Chad Nicholson
Costumes– Karla Welch and Erica Cloud
Production Company: Doomsday Ent.


The Star– M. Ward
The bicycle boy– Jaren Rogers


Jodie Mashburn
Nathan Kim
Elie AkL
Rob Westin
Lyndsey Makovsky
SaraAnne Fahey
Robyn Cohen
Yanira Marin
Kim Thompson
Carole Biers


Joanna Peresie
Crystal Boutiette
Elizabeth Dellorusso
Sarah Bates
Natalie Davies
Robert Wells
Richard Garza
Jason Cohen
Jessie Douglas-smith
Dana McMenamin
Tiffany Chevesko
Mia Aiko Yamada
Rene Parker
Heather Zimmerman
Imelda Villalobos
Brooke Kennedy
Devy Arredondo
Laura Ramos

And our amazing crew!!!!

Also a very special thank you to the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts for an awesome location!

Merge Records – North America, Double Six Records – Europe, Spunk Records – Australia, P-Vine – Japan, Lab344 – Brazil

You can purchase Volume 3 here, here or here!

Also, if you buy a CD/LP/Cassette of Volume 3 from Merge you get an awesome nail decal for free! Just enter “NAILS” into the coupon code!


  • Jenny Lonussen

    So cool! Love volume 3 :-)

  • Anne Sweeney

    I love all of Volume 3, but this song is definitely my favorite! And the video is awesome!

  • Aurore Dhont

    Je suis définitivement amoureuse de toi Zooey.
    Tous ce que tu touches devient magique.

  • Rebecca Floyd

    My four month old nephew and I very much enjoyed the video <3 Can't wait to see the concert in Vegas!

  • Galadriel Torres

    Amazing! 😀 Can’t wait for you two to come back to Spain… Best concert I’ve ever been!!

  • Paula M. Moncho Esteve

    aaawesooome!!! Love the vibe! love your music, your style and everything about you! coming to spain anytime soon?? ^^

  • Shiori Tanaka

    I know its so cute but little funny!! Especially, zooey’s walking like a thief and chewing waitress in the last scene.

  • Jamie Wiesner

    I love the sound :)

  • Shannon Greer

    For some odd reason I enjoyed the gum stuck under the table and then her obnoxiously chewing gum at the end. Tied two seemingly random things together

  • Patricia Martin

    Can’t wait to see you at “Festival de Jazz de Montréal”!!!!

  • Daiana Cordoba

    nice 😀

  • Felipe Santana Oliveira

    Zooey espectacular! Most talented girl ever!

  • Rachel Morgan

    I need that dress she wears!

  • Frank Fraone

    What a cool video! The choreography was sublime and of course the music is very fine! Volume 3 like it’s two predecessors Volume 1 and 2, has such wistful, catchy, and timeless tunes. They will be hip in any era! I listen to She and Him’s music in the car and when I take my morning walks. They are such a breath of fresh air along with the air I take in outside!
    I appreciate the diversity in music. I listen to the heaviest stuff too but I can also appreciate the gift of melody that She and Him possess. They are a true wonder!

  • Christina Krieglstein

    Love the final scene! That really made me laugh. :)

  • Chelsea Keilbarth

    I love it! I love the part when they throw Zooey the beach ball and she doesn’t catch it, her face is perfect. Hahah. Great video though. Also, I got volume 3 just the other day and it’s a GREAT album.

  • Debby Mahlmeister

    This was such a fun video to watch and a great song to listen to. The 50s were a great era and Zooey did it justice in this video. Free nails with the CD!!
    Fantastic all around!!

  • Дмитрий Смалюк

    Oh my god I love it so much!!!!

  • Penny Ribbons

    Yellow pants guy…

  • Ayen Monteclaro

    This song makes me feel warm inside. =) I love it a thousand times!

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