New Madden Mixtape!Tatti Ribeiro

You guys, I love mixtapes!! They’re honestly one of my favorite things. I feel like artists make really awesome albums but then have so much more material they want to share and create and give to fans they end up making super dope mixtapes for us. The Madden brothers (Josh, Joel & Benji) have made one, and it’s incredible! It dropped today on and on their Sound Cloud and features some of the coolest people.

Obviously my favorite is Kreayshawn – this song they did with her is awesome it’s called ‘Firetruck’, check it out!

Anyways, enjoy the entire mixtape now!!


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  1. Yup, early-teenage crush on Joel & Benji is still there! Thanks for sharing this, I kind of gave up on them after the failure that was Cardiology.

  2. I have to admit I scrolled past this article twice before I checked it out, but to my surprise I actually broke down and listened to some of the tracks, and I have to say it was pretty freaking awesome!
    All really good tracks