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Hello Gigglers! These readings are for the week of April 14-21. Note: Private readings with Zoe are available! You can email to inquire about rates and available dates…


MONDAY your goals, career or someone like a boss, parent, judge, etc, are being swept up in a turnabout of energy. This can mean a reversal, slow-down or need to work through something hanging out there. Look for clues; what’s slowing down, is there something you need to stop and deal with financially or intimately so you can reach goals or further career, is there someone in the past you need to connect with or release, what opportunities or issues from the past still hang over you regarding that parent, boss or other higher-up? You have until September to figure it out so pay attention to what is happening today since it will lead the way in the months ahead.

MONDAY and TUESDAY you can absolutely expect to either be initiating talks, offers, agreements, sales, writing, meetings, or decisions, or for others to be engaging you…these are BIG communications days. What needs do you have, what can you stand up for or against? What needs to evolve? Is there something big involving home, real estate, family, moves, parents, or roommates in the mix? If you need to post it, list it, write it, sign it, sell it, or talk about it, this is it-give voice to it now. This communications energy is volatile, you can be passionate or angry, take care when expressing points that you are aware of how intense it will be on all sides. It may just be that there is some big opportunity in which case do your best to let them hear what you’ve got going on!

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on TUESDAY is bringing a very big ending or achievement for you involving some key relationship so look to your romantic or business partners, an agent, attorney, specialist, client, manager, producer, competitor, or other key player. Is there a line in the sand, an end to the story, a really big moment you’ve been waiting on, or some other end or celebration? Eclipses tend to be definitive, no going back, keep that in mind when choosing and note if anything occurred on the trigger back on March 18th for clues.

WEDNESDAY will bring any last talks, offers, agreements, meetings, writing, sales, or decisions regarding this person and again, note, it may be highly motivating, very passionate or quite angry, depending on what is transpiring in your relationships now in your own life, so keep that in mind when having it out with them, making demands, proposing ideas, or meeting up. You’ll know if this is going to help you push things through, rev up the heat in a good way or fire up combative emotions.

THURSDAY and FRIDAY open up something with a woman or regarding your love or income needs behind the scenes. You may use these days to research or develop what you need with women, love or money, or you may find that you are doing well here when it comes to film, music, art, spiritual practices like meditation or yoga, any healing or hospital matters, a romantic getaway or time away for romance, or these days can just be great for tuning into your intuition when it comes to this woman, love or income need.

SATURDAY begins a 30 cycle putting you back in the saddle when it comes to earnings, possessions or purchases. You will be pouring more personal or physical energy here so step up and take the lead.

SUNDAY begins the 4 day GRAND CROSS peak. That means that from today into next week everything is hitting the fan, good or bad, it’s changing and changing in a big way. For you, again, the home, family, real estate, move, renovation, parent, roommate, childhood issues, history, land, or security needs will play a bit part. There will be changes coming through or about you, your needs, and the goals, career or authority figures in the mix like the boss, parent, judge, regulator, inspector, or other power person. Do what you can to work with rather than against the changes because change they must. Finally, know that no one has seen a week as powerful and change oriented as this one in years, everyone will be experiencing some major shifts, allow it to transport you and others to their destinations and you will come out the other side less scathed. It is also important to note that there will be global events on financial, political and earth related shake-ups like volcanoes, earthquakes, fires, etc, so if you feel you are in the path of any of these worldly changes, back up your safety kits and be careful out there!

Grand Cross energy can be harnessed to help you move things that have been stuck for a long while so to that end, the more you partner with the universe right here and now to further progress in these matters, the more you will see finally shakes loose and awakens or evolves. Private readings with Zoe are available if you are interested in looking into how all of this will be affecting your own unique chart patterns. You can email to inquire about rates and available dates. Read about more in the APRIL MONTHLY FORECAST here!  LISTEN to more AUDIO WEEK AHEAD FORECAST Here! Get Zoe’s DAILY FORECASTS here!

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