New Girl, New Look

Hello Giggles and friends! I am so happy to be working on Zooey Deschanel’s cute face again!

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to work with my dear friend and photographer Autumn De Wilde, shooting the promo stills for Zooey’s new show on FOX, The New Girl. The shoot was a fun day of meeting all my new bosses and hanging out with cool chicks like Zooey D, Autumn De, Liz Meriwether and Katherine Pope.

As Zooey is also the face of Rimmel London, I was gifted a box of brand new make-up goodies to try out. Before my new presents arrived I had been loving the oft-requested and highly coveted mascara by Rimmel called Lash Accelerator. After receiving that box I’ve found so many other things to be excited about!

Their eye shadows are amazing! The color pigments are so strong, that what you see in the case won’t be a hundred times lighter when you apply it. What you see is what you get!

I used the Glam Eyes Quad eye shadow colour 013 Sweet Smolder. The black has a nice silver underglow. When I added the pink and gold it turned warm and gave her eyes a nice warm look, accentuating her bright blue eyes.

I also tried the glosses. I love the vibrant colors and the way they feel, not greasy, yet truly moisturizing. I used the Moisture Renew lip gloss on Zooey color 345 Fuchsia Therapy. Zooey looked amazing and it was so easy!

I’m so excited about Rimmel and I can’t wait to try more of the products in the goodie box. This is really a great makeup line! we are lucky it’s finally here in the US!

All pictures by Jorjee Douglass

  • Beth Curry

    I really like the ‘length’ section of the Day 2 Night mascara; I think it makes my eyes stand out without my lashes looking clumpy or fake. I’ll have to try out the eye shadow at some point, if I can find the colours you used.

    Have you ever used those lip stain pens? I don’t know what to think of them, I’ve heard mixed reviews.

    • Jorjee Douglass

      Hi Beth! I haven’t used the lip Stain pens yet but I’m excited to try it out as well!

  • Lauren Nespoli

    I love the Lash Accelerator mascara! I’ve been thinking about trying the moisture renewal lip gloss too, because my lips always seem to be dry so I end up putting on lip balm and then some type of lip gloss, but usually I’m in a rush and do them too close together so it doesn’t stay well. Maybe this would be a good solution! What color of the eyeshadows would you recommend for brown eyes? I always look at their eyeshadow and then end up walking away because I want it to look natural so I tend to stay away from blues and purples (unless I should try them?), but I have dirty blonde hair and super light eyebrows so I’m afraid anything too dark won’t look good either. Thanks! I hope you share more makeup tips in the future! :)

    • Jorjee Douglass

      Hi Lauren,
      Oh I love brown eyes with blond hair! I like light sheer colors with brown blondes. Any kind of sheer off-white with a gold shimmer would be a good place to start.

  • Louise Rodway

    Rimmel has always been a great staple brand in the UK and I’m really glad you guys are getting to experience them now.

    They have always been and continue to be very reasonably priced and of great quality in terms of pigment and size. Zooey looks fab as usual.

  • Jeannette Dominguez

    Zooey is sooooo Gorgeous! Great job with the make up, will have to try that lash accelerator mascara

  • Mandy McCaslan

    I am so jealous of your gift box of makeup!

  • Amy Danielle

    i won’t lie, i bought the last accelerator as soon as it was released JUST because zooey was in the ad. only time i’ve ever bought a product because of the celebrity endorsement!

    • Meaghan Colleen

      I did the exact same thing!!

  • Jessica Bell

    Rimmel has been in the US now for a few years, they are a great brand and totally affordable! I’ve found them in basic retail drug stores. I’m totally thrilled that Zooey is the new face for them, great deal there!

  • Chrissy Fiorilli

    what brand of glasses is Zooey wearing on the show? I desperately want a pair.

  • Sarah H

    Zooey’s wearing Oliver Peoples. Someone asked her on Twitter if they were RayBans and she said the were Oliver Peoples. :)

  • Jolene Kernick

    zooey isn’t vegan, she hasn’t been for a long time

  • Jorjee Douglass

    Hi! thank you for your Comments. I wanted to reply to everyone with care and wanted to let you know that I haven’t seen any information on Animal testing with Rimmel London. Here is what I found on their face book page. Rimmel London does not conduct animal testing. This is accomplished by selecting raw materials of the highest quality with well-established safety records and using extensive ingredient databases, in-vitro testing, computer modeling and studies with human volunteers. In fact, to ensure human safety all our products are clinically tested as needed on humans before they are sold in the marketplace.

    • Vanya Waits

      rimmel is owned by coty inc and coty inc is one of those companies that states “we only test where the law requires it” which means they choose to use ingredients that are tested on animals. don’t buy rimmel products if you don’t want to support animal abuse.

  • Kourtney Christine

    hmmm i might has to look into and see if coty inc owns rimmel. I really doubt they test on animals. I am vegan and its very important to me that my makeup isnt tested on animals. The first question that poped in my head was “do they test on animals?” I will have to go on peta2’s approved list of non animal tested things! I really hope zooey isnt wearing animal tested stuff! yuck!

  • Lisa Michele Kranz

    I found a pair of very similar glasses at the Dollar Tree. Not exactly Oliver People’s, but I take what I can get. :)

    Love the Rimmel Makeup line, I love the eyeliner, its perfect for doing fun things like wings!

  • Karin Burkart

    got any tips for light tan skin, hazel eyes n sun kissed brown hair??? im the worst when it comes to applying my own makeup n could really use some hep 😉

  • Anonymous

    Are the quad eyeshadow shades and Moisture Renew lip gloss exclusive to the US or just not out yet? I’m in the UK and we don’t have either at the moment.

  • Mary Javed

    What colour blush was used on Zooey?! lOVE the colours… I’ve always liked Rimmel :) Airy Fairy is a favoruite lipstick of mine!

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