Playlist of the Week

New Favorite Songs

I couldn’t decide on a solid theme for this week’s playlist so I just picked some songs that I’ve been listening to a lot this week and have become some new favorites. I guess the theme is “songs that are great to listen to on the 4 train when you don’t feel like reading anymore but you still have to commute for another 30 minutes” or maybe the theme could be “A peek into Corinne’s brain when she is tired and daydreaming about dinner”  or maybe, “songs that should be making me sad but actually make me happy.”

Are these themes too long and specific? Well I hope you enjoy this playlist regardless!

HelloGiggles: Some New Favorites

Kate Earl – Stronger
Liz Lawrence – Lips and Eyes
Erin McCarley – Off We Go (feat. Erin McCarley)
Natalie Walker – Colorblind
Greg Laswell – Come Back Down – feat. Sara Bareilles
Charlotte Sometimes – Headache
Bon Iver – Beth/Rest – Work Drugs Remix
The Lumineers – Classy Girls
Farewell Milwaukee – Coming ‘Round to Get You
Greg Laswell – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Demo)
Pete Yorn – Just Another
Florence + The Machine – Are You Hurting The One You Love?

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