New Dreamy TV Crushes- Ben Feldman and Reid Scott

Summer is here, which means a lot of our favorite shows have gone on summer hiatus. Sad times! But ladies, this television season has given us a lot to think about, and even more to look at! Two of these new hot guys has us running- no sprinting!- to our computers to check their relationship status.

First we have Ben Feldman, who plays Michael Ginsberg on my favorite summer program, Mad Men. Ben has been on some other shows like Numb3rs, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and was a series regular on Drop Dead Diva. On Mad Men, Ben’s character of Ginsberg is obnoxious but has talent that rivals Don Draper. Because of his talent, Ginsberg is really cocky and annoys Peggy (and me)! He may be the new guy at the SCDP with fresh ideas, but he certainly isn’t the new Don! Ginsberg may be confident, but he lacks certain charm. His suits are a little different in color, and I like how they make him stand out. I wanted to give him a cuddle when he and Peggy were having a heart-to-heart and he told her he was an alien from Mars and would never fit in. Even though the season finale is tonight, I’m looking forward to seeing Ginsberg in more storylines, as well as Ben Feldman’s acting and cute face. You should also check him out on Drop Dead Diva, because Kim Kardashian is set to appear as his love interest in a coming episode.

HBO has premiered a few new shows, like Girls and Veep. Reid Scott plays Dan Egan on Veep and he’s another obnoxious but adorable character, and looks so sharp in a suit. Dan is the deputy director of communications for the Office of the Vice-President and is cutthroat ambitious. Like the other staffers, his job is to make Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) not look as pathetic as she may seem to strangers. Dan has a super quick wit but is quick to put down weak characters, like Gary (Tony Hale). He is quite full of himself, but I forgive him after he flashes a quick smile. The banter he has with other characters is so much fun to watch. If you like Reid Scott in Veep, you should check out some of the other shows he’s been on, like My Boys, The Big C, and Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Are you still blue about having to wait for September for your usual shows? Cheer up! I hope the summer gets a little more fun with these shows and these cuties to crush on while you’re enjoying some ice cream!

images via amc, hbo, zap2it and poptower.

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