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15 new books we can’t wait to read in April

At the beginning of every month, we like to celebrate the little things. Things like turning a new page in our planners, getting our monthly subscription boxes, and adding a fresh crop of new books to our reading lists. To our delight, April’s titles did NOT disappoint.

Young adult stories of star-crossed lovers? Check. Hilarious scandals in tech startup culture? Check. These books even represent more serious topics like sexual assault, personal loss, and mental health. And to top it all off, there’s even a fictional re-telling of the epic romance between Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler. Here they are: The 15 new books we can’t wait to read in April!

1. “Alex, Approximately” by Jenn Bennett 

Simon Pulse

When we heard this new book was a modern-day teenage spin on Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s rom com You’ve Got Mail, we immediately jumped on board. Meet Bailey Rydell, a girl crushing on a guy she only knows on the internet. But here’s what Bailey has yet to learn: She actually DOES know Alex IRL — and she can’t stand him. April 4th.

2. “But Then I Came Back” by Estelle Laure

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers

17-year-old Eden just woke up from a coma after a near-death accident. She has tons of questions, like what comes after life, and why she can see things that nobody else can see. But Then I Came Back is magical realism at its finest, and fans of Estelle Laure will love this companion novel to The Raging Light. April 4th.

3. “Definitions of Indefinable Things” by Whitney Taylor

HMH Books for Young Readers

In Definitions of Indefinable Things, Whitney Taylor tackles mental health head-on with a rare mix of humor and candor. She touches on everything from prescriptions to therapy to just getting through everyday life. You’ll laugh, cry, and feel along with the relatable characters through every page. April 4th.

4. “The End of Our Story” by Meg Haston


Bridge and Wil have been through it all together. Childhood friends turned teenage lovers, they were always by each other’s side. That is, until Bridge betrayed Wil, breaking his heart and their special bond. When tragedy strikes a year later, they try to make amends, but realize just how much changes in a short amount of time. April 4th.

5. “Letters to the Lost” by Brigid Kemmerer

Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Is there anything more romantic than two people falling in love through a series of letters? This is the story of Juliet and Declan. Juliet writes her late mother letters and leaves them at her grave. Declan finds them and feels compelled to respond. They open up to each other on the page, two strangers with an immediate connection — only to learn they aren’t actually strangers. April 4th.

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