Some of my favorite characters on television are nerds. Perhaps I can relate to them more with their awkwardness and their peculiar habits… or maybe because I just feel sorry for them. Either way, I think nerds on television are funny and more loveable than characters that appear to have it all put together.

For today’s gallery, I have decided to highlight some of my favorite television nerds. Just because they may be clumsy, socially inept and dress badly, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be recognized or loved. If anything, their extreme awkwardness means they should be honored even more.

I think my favorite television nerd on television was Bill Haverchuck of Freaks and Geeks. His awkwardness was so real and believable and despite his nerdiness, he was such a loyal friend. Who is your favorite nerd?

  • Christina Martinez

    I love Tina Fey and she is the quintessential nerd and/or true dork at all times. I love how she makes me feel like its okay to be who I am. I also admire Lisa and when I see or hear Yearderly Smith’s voice anywhere else I do a double take. And I’m so impressed that you have Gretchen. I hate it when geeks grow up to be douche bags. I’m talking to you Dustin Diamond.

  • Michael James Dempsey

    Awesome characters, I’d add Chuck Bartowski to the list and why no Jess from New Girl?

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