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Neons and Brights: Style Me Grasie (The Oscars Edition)

Actress, host & style blogger Grasie Mercedes has created a playlist dedicated to Neons, Brights and The OscarsA lot of stars have decided to go a lot brighter with their red carpet choices and Grasie is going to tell you how you can do the same.

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Grasie also has her very own stylish playlist on our Hello Giggles Channel too where she shows you “5 Ways To Wear It”, how to shop your very own closet with “No Shopping Necessary” and the How To’s of beauty and style. Check out the Style Me Grasie playlist.

  • Rebecca Lynn

    I am loving all the neons for spring and fall, but what about the eternally tanless? I’m fair skinned, so I avoid the sun. When I do get sun, I turn bright pink, then red (burned), then the burn peels right back to pale white. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pale, porcelain-reminiscent and it was the best pair for the recent trends of black and white and red, but I don’t want to miss the neons! How can ultra pale, super blonde girls pull off neons also?

    • Grasie Mercedes

      hey girl! i say embrace your beautiful porcelain skin and try on neons in pink and orange shades. they love best on fair skin. :)

    • Rebecca Lynn

      I actually was looking at Oscar pictures and say Michelle Williams in an amazing shade of coral. I have similar skin and hair color, so I’m going to find some coral for myself. And I’m a huge fan of orange and pink, so I’ll be looking for those as well!

  • Rachel K. Sparkman

    Yay brights! It’s like they pulled this trend right out of my dreams!

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