Three cheers for Neon Moon, the body-positive lingerie line of our dreams

Let us sing a song of love for Neon Moon, the UK underwear brand that’s making waves in the world of skivvies by touting itself as a “feminist lingerie” company.

So what exactly is “feminist lingerie?” As lingerie designer Hayat Rachi, the innovator behind Neon Moon explains on the brand’s Kickstarter page:

“I found it difficult to find a lingerie brand that shared the same ethos as myself: empowerment, body confidence and the non-objectification of women. So instead of succumbing to the body-shaming, sexualized and objectifying lingerie on the market, I used my frustration to start my own brand, Neon Moon.”

And this:

“Neon Moon will always aim to be a product that the majority of people can afford. Feminist lingerie is not a privilege, it’s a right”

And, last, hooray for this:

“Neon Moon will design and distribute nonconformist lingerie for women around the world. The brand strives to create lingerie that empowers women in all phases of womanhood, fostering confidence. Neon Moon and I wish to change the lingerie industry by catering to women of all sizes, ethnicities, and body types, including women who embrace pubic, leg and underarm hair. “

Bras and panties that are affordable and make us feel amaze about our bodies? Sign us up right this second now. Not only does Neon Moon intend to help women feel awesome-sauce on the INSIDE, they want women to feel super-duper on the outside by making these bras and panties as comfy as possible so that we will all feel like underwear goddesses prancing around and dancing around in our bedrooms to whatever’s on Spotify. As Rachi explains, Neon Moon “…does not incorporate any padding, push-up, or wired attributes. Instead, the bamboo fabric and shape is designed to work around the body, instead of the other way around.”

As Rachi explained to Huffington Post UK, she is committed to using “unconventional models and unretouched images in New Moon’s advertising. As a result, the two gorgeous ladies used in the Kickstarter shoot don’t at all look what you would expect an “underwear model” to look like, and are glorious in their representative beauty.

“I wanted to show what a real woman looks like,” Rachi explained [Ed note: we might correct this to say “many” real women look like, since there are certainly some real women who are thin and bump-free and they are no less “real”] “They have pubic hair, stretch marks, cellulite and acne, it’s important to show that.”

With a little under three weeks to go, the Kickstarter has almost a hundred backers and is over halfway to its £5,000 goal. Which, in Kickstarter-speak, means this project is TOTALLY getting funded. Which we are excited about, because we for real want to buy ALL the pretty, comfy, affordable, body-positive panties!!

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