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We need to talk about the "13 Reasons Why" cliffhangers

5. Tyler’s secret project


Tyler’s last scene still was definitely the most haunting. We know he has several guns stashed away in that trunk, and that he’s reaching his breaking point with the others. Nobody has ever taken him seriously, or shown him an ounce of kindness. That doesn’t negate the fact that he’s a creepy stalker who violated Hannah’s privacy on more than one occasion. However, what we watched Tyler experience could essentially be the making of a terrorist. And even though this show depicted very graphic scenes in a powerful way, watching Tyler take those guns to a school filled with innocent kids is not something I’d be able to sit through. Then again, maybe that’s the point.

6. Will Mr. Porter get fired?


For some reason, guidance counselor Mr. Porter thought it would be appropriate to tell a rape survivor that maybe the whole thing was just her fault. Maybe it was just sex that she regrets? That maybe she should just “move on?” REALLY? If it turns out that Alex’s gunshot wound was self-inflicted, and once he listens to his own tape, I hope he loses his job and reconsiders what it takes to be a decent human being.

7. Jessica’s healing process

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Jessica’s cliffhanger meant the most to me. As a rape survivor myself, I felt a deep connection with the pain she experienced. I, too, was unconscious at a party when I was assaulted, and Jessica’s flashbacks once she started accepting what had happened to her had me visibly shaking. She stood up for herself against Justin, she told her dad the truth, and was prepared to begin the healing process. It’s a long and painful process, but seeing Jessica clearly ready to find internal peace was perhaps the only sliver of hope viewers were given, aside from watching Clay and Tony drive off into the sunset while listening to the radio, of course.

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