NBC's "Go On" Tuesday Nights at 9/8c

We did it! We made it through a long, hot summer of waiting for Fall TV. Every Fall there are always a few new shows I can’t wait to watch. As a huge Matthew Perry fan, I have been dying to see NBC’s “Go On”.

Watch the Pilot Episode here.

The show follows Ryan King (Matthew Perry, a sarcastic yet hilarious radio host who is a typical guy when it comes to sharing (and feeling) emotions. Within the first few minutes of the Pilot episode King is forced into a support group by his boss (John Cho). King finds this completely unnecessary and frankly, way out of his comfort zone.

The highlight of the show is watching King interact with all the social misfits in his support group. Each lovable, believable, and yes, a little weird. By the end of the episode you can tell King actually has a huge heart and cares deeply about everyone around him.

Sponsored by Go On. New episode premiere tonight at 9/8c on NBC.

Sponsored by: NBC

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