National Read a Book Day

Today, September 6th, is National Read a Book Day. Here are a few of the reasons you should join in on this holiday and read a book. How cool would it be if everyone in America was sitting down right now to read a book?! Please add your own reasons for reading  in the comments section below.

Read a book today BECAUSE

It’s the best excuse for peace and quiet.

You love sitting in your favorite chair.

That stack of borrowed books needs a dent.

All your friends are busy.

You need a new favorite quotation.

Books are on your schedule: you can pick them up and put them down at your own convenience.

Walking to the library is good exercise.

You saw the movie, but you heard the book is way better.

You’ve always wanted to read  Anna Karenina.

You’ve always wanted to reread  Anna Karenina.

There’s a swath of history you’re sick of having to admit you know NOTHING about.

Some sentences are better than kissing (See Nabokov).

Your perspective can be changed by a single passage (See Vonnegut).

Your life can be changed by a book (See The Year of Magical Thinking).

You’re going through something and you just need to get lost in a beautiful, made-up world.

You haven’t gotten to use your imagination in a really long time.

Today’s world  is so loud, hyper-connected and busy.

The world inside your head is yours and yours alone.