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Natalie Portman opened up about the time Ashton Kutcher made THREE TIMES more than she did on a movie, and, ugh

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If you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly aware of Natalie Portman. Actress, director, Oscar winner…she’s the whole shebang. So you can imagine our surprise when we found out that Ashton Kutcher made three times more than Natalie Portman for the film No Strings Attached.

Now don’t get us wrong — we love us some Ashton Kutcher. He’s a genuine feminist, humanitarian, and all-around hilarious dude. Plus, he’s married to Mila Kunis, who we also love. But these numbers are making us MAD. And they make Portman mad too.

“I knew and I went along with it because there’s this thing with ‘quotes’ in Hollywood,” she said in an interview with Marie Claire UK.
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She went on to explain, “His [quote] was three times higher than mine, so they said he should get three times more. I wasn’t as pissed as I should have been. I mean, we get paid a lot, so it’s hard to complain, but the disparity is crazy.”

And let’s remember, Portman was already an Oscar-winning actress at this point. She went on to say, “Compared to men, in most professions, women make 80 cents to the dollar. In Hollywood, we are making 30 cents to the dollar.”

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