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Nap desks are here and it's all going to be OK

Remember kindergarten? It’s the only time in school we were offered naps and, if you were anything like me, you didn’t appreciate it AT ALL. My ungrateful five-year-old self was still reminiscing about recess, or scheming about how I’d try and persuade my mom to let me have a cat that week.

Twenty-five years later (um, wow), I’m kicking myself because we don’t get naps at work. If I wasn’t afraid of being judged hardcore, I’d totally bust out my fold-up red and blue mat – y’all remember the ones – but since my company isn’t Google and we don’t have napping pods, I just turn to coffee while channeling my inner Jack Shephard as I reminisce about all that wasted kindergarten naptime.

But today, our corporate-dwelling dreams have come true, my friends, because there exists a desk that is built for maximum napping efficiency. Created by Greek company Studio NL, the genius space-saving “1.6 S.M. of Life” prototype is basically a bunk bed where the top is for your laptop instead of a snoring sibling and the bottom is a cushy place for the beautiful naps you can take to beat those 3 p.m. slumps.

As you can see, its top can even slide forward so one person can work while another naps. This might seem like a strange feature at first glance, but if you’re part of a two-person team working on a deadline in a tight space a la Mulder and Scully, this aspect could actually be the kicker.

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