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In celebration of Name Yourself Day, here are 16 celebs who did just that

I think we’d all be lying if we said we haven’t come up with at least a few fake names for ourselves. I mean, just think of all the times it would come in handy: you’d already have the work halfway done if you were going to be a spy, or if you had to join Disney’s Princess Protection Program, or if you just wanted to see if Starbucks could spell something right on a cup for once.

Of course, we usually dismiss this idea as soon as we think of it. Our names are pretty ingrained, whether we like it or not. But you’d be surprised just how many celebrities have gone to great lengths to change their names before hitting the big time — and, in honor of Name Yourself Day, we compiled a whole list of celebs you might not even realized were born with different names. Hey, maybe your fave secretly has the same name as you! Even if they don’t … well, it’s Name Yourself Day, so today you can be named whatever the heck you want. Here are the people who already did just that:

1. Katy Perry

Real name: Katheryn Hudson

Katy Perry actually did release one of her early Gospel CDs under her original name, but this change was merely one of practicality, since Kate Hudson was already a famous actress at the time.

2. Emma Stone

Real name: Emily Jean Stone

Emma reason for changing her name was similar to Katy Perry’s: It turned out there already was an Emma Stone registered in the actor’s union, so she decided to change her name slightly. She briefly went by Riley while acting in Malcom In The Middle, but decided it would have to be Emma when she accidentally ignored everyone calling her name.

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