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The moment a celebrity has a child, the public has come to expect an unusual name such as Apple or Blue Ivy. Personally, I like my name and I’m happy that I was not named after a fruit or a color. If anything, I wish I was named after a cool female, like Amelia Earhart! Sometimes I’ve daydreamed about sharing a name with some of my favorite fictional characters such as Meg Murray from A Wrinkle In Time or name even Oskar Schell from Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close.

If you are like me and have ever wished your name was the same as your favorite character, then you are in luck since today, April 9th, is Name Yourself Day! Take a look at the poll below and vote for which character you’d like to share a name with and feel free to share even more cool character names in the comments below!

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  1. im in love with my naame already because i was namedxc after my granny who everybody knew and apparently was the nicest person they had ever met! My dad told me im just like her and that is best compliment i have ever gotten!

  2. Josephine March

  3. Sydney Bristow

  4. I’m named after a book character who dies because she has flowers in her lungs.

    • Good call, it is that one book.

    • L’écume des jours?? I love that book! It would be so cool to be named after a character in a book by Boris Vian, that guy is amazing… Maybe that’s not the book you were talking about…? but I can’t think of another book where the girl has a flower growing out of her lungs. (The ending is amazing…)

  5. Jessica Rabbit

  6. Stevie Nicks. (:

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