Nails of the Day

Nails of the Day

Today’s psychedelic nails are from Michele. These would be perfect to rock for Coachella Music Fest!

HelloGiggles loves seeing your creative nail designs. From glitter and lace to cartoon and holiday homages, we appreciate a bomb manicure when we see it. Send a photo of your fancy fingertips to with the subject line “Nails of the Day” and we’ll feature you here!

  • Renee LaPorte

    these posts need a How-Too blurb!

  • Melissa Rae Brown

    renee, look up water marbling on youtube. tons of tutorials on how to do this!

  • Krista Gray

    Woah – crazy!

  • Karla Marie Piñeiro


  • Rachael Gonzalez

    i’ve tried this before and it takes a lot of patience, but these look great and I absolutely love the colors!

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