Nails of the Day

Nails of the Day

Today’s nails are from Allie D. Marcum. We love the look.

HelloGiggles loves seeing your creative nail designs. From glitter and lace to cartoon and holiday homages, we appreciate a bomb manicure when we see it. Send a photo of your fancy fingertips to with the subject line “Nails of the Day” and we’ll feature you here!

  • Meredith Dover


  • Alice Lum

    All of the recent nails are nice, but their all that “nail foil” stuff.
    I love these, but I think that more free handed nail art should be shown. :) xxx

  • Karleen Young

    How do I get these nails?!?

  • Reese Nations

    ok really this is literally impossible unless your an artist

  • Maricruz Valtierra

    I want them done like this!

  • Hillary Silva Repetto

    I agree that the free handed nail art should be featured more often instead of the ones that just use the new nail foils.

  • Ally Munda

    HOW did she do that? I’d give you snaps and claps and hugs for a DIY tutorial. Those nails are AMAZING.

  • Jessica Spurling

    I wanted to say it’s probably a stamping job with a konad stamper and then a plate that has that design on it. It looks like the bird on a tree is one stamp and the leafs are another.

    Then I looked closer at the bits that go past her cuticle and those don’t look like polish marks they look like those nail appliques.

    Bit of a bummer, but if you aren’t really into nail polish it may be hard for some to tell it’s just an applique, not actually a free handed,or even a stamping job. It took awhile because she has the polish residue around her finger – but if you look at the pointer the entire design goes way past the cuticle giving away that it’s an applique. Usually stamp jobs don’t look like that because they’re hard enough to get on the nail as it is.

    Hopefully the nail art I submitted is featured on the page. I worked hard on it, and they’re awesome. Who doesn’t like storm troopers?

  • Brittany Woodell

    I love these, but wish that these posts had a bit more info to them. Hopefully when people are submitting they say “oh I used the nail stickers from this line” or “this is a nail stamp with these colors” etc. Even if it’s not a tutorial, a little more info would be nice to have.

  • Justine Tachiki

    It kind of looks like she may have used fabric or paper, cut it to the nail size, and adhered it with some clear polish. it’s a pretty simple concept in theory but so hard to do by oneself, trust me!

  • Stephanie Leigh

    sally hansen salon effects?

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