Nails of the Day

Nails of the Day

Ever wondered how to do your own tuxedo nails? Sasha B. was kind enough to send in this tutorial for everyone who wants to give it a try!

  1. Apply a clear base coat and let it dry.
  2. Paint your nails entirely black and let them dry.
  3. Take cardboard (for use as a palette) and dab a glob of white nail polish on a random spot.
  4. Take a tooth pick and dip it into the white nail polish. Draw upside down triangles at the top center of your nails.
  5. Draw the lapels and pocket handkerchiefs.
  6. Put some black nail polish on the cardboard palette.
  7. Take another tooth pick and dip it into the black nail polish. Draw a bow tie and buttons on the upside down triangle.
  8. Let everything dry completely and then apply clear top coat.

HelloGiggles loves seeing your creative nail designs. From glitter and lace to cartoon and holiday homages, we appreciate a bomb manicure when we see it. Please send a high-quality photo of your fancy fingertips to with the subject line “Nails of the Day,” and we may feature you here!

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