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Check out New Girl star Hannah Simone‘s “Love Letter” themed nails. Such a classy and romantic look! (Instagram: @therealhannahsimone)

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  1. This is absolutely not nail art, albeit it is adorable, but it didn’t require any special talent or patience to do them. It required a nail file. I’m a little disappointed considering I always admire those who really sit and take the time to do their nails and make them their own. Bummer :(

  2. Love those nails!

  3. @Donna, I wouldn’t say that poor people could afford to buy the SH nail effects when they are around $10! But they do save time. :)

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  5. I love the look. How do I replicate it?

  6. I agree , Sally Hansen salon effects should not be considered for nails of the day. This is one of my favorite blogs, I love to be inspired by other’s art

    • Are these SH? I didn’t know, but I’d love to find it to replicate. Sorry to say I guess I agree it isn’t nail art, but is is awesome faux nail art, and I appreciate the tip for those of us too busy, or poor to afford the money or time to obtain an authentic look like this.

      • They are really awesome, I only recognized it because I’ve used these exact ones. They are by Sally Hansen, about $9-$10 depending on where you go.

  7. I gotta say, I get kind of irritated when you throw up pics of Sally Hansen Salon Effects, and call it nail art.

  8. These nails are beautiful!

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