Nails of the Day

Nails of the Day

Lea Acosta really nailed the “Under the Sea” theme with this manicure. The octopus nail art is truly magical to look at.

HelloGiggles loves seeing your creative nail designs. From glitter and lace to cartoon and holiday homages, we appreciate a bomb manicure when we see it. Please send a high-quality photo of your fancy fingertips to with the subject line “Nails of the Day,” and we may feature you here!

  • Tania Hastardi

    cute :)

  • Lea Acosta

    Thank you Tania!

  • Lea Acosta

    And a massive thanks Hello Giggles!

  • Ricky Acosta


  • Lea Acosta

    If you’d like you can follow me on Instagram: @LeaCoast . <3

  • Mina Adame

    OMG those nails are so adorbs!!

  • Kristen Haynie

    Whoa! I see some pretty cool stuff on Nails of the Day, but I think this one has to be my favorite so far!!

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