Nails of the Day

Nails of the Day

Our mouths are watering for these cupcake nails from Stephanie Blanco. The frosting looks so delicious… and we can’t forget the cute cherry on top! Thanks for sending these in, Stephanie.

HelloGiggles loves seeing your creative nail designs. From glitter and lace to cartoon and holiday homages, we appreciate a bomb manicure when we see it. Please send a high-quality photo of your fancy fingertips to with the subject line “Nails of the Day,” and we may feature you here!

  • Lisa Marie Rowe

    Ooooh -pretty! :o)

  • Edward Michael Stoddard

    I love how creative you ladies are!! :)

  • Tami Patton

    I love when I can figure out how to do these on my own nails…yay!

  • Louby Lou Skelding

    Ooooo! Love ’em!

  • Iris Casarez

    I did this design on my nails this past Friday for my birthday they looked super cute! Though a little chunky I added a small red crystal and a glitter coat on top of the white :) got a lot of compliments but the white part broke off when I tried peeling an orange lol making me freak thinking id broken my nail…..

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